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Selected highlights on the past projects on ICTs

Project / programme design / strategy

[Online Community learning and information centres – 2007-2008]
Commissioned to research, design and pilot information centres on behalf of the Government of Kenya. The centres are intended to be the entry point for citizens to acess e-government services. We piloted two centres which are operational and the government is rolling out a national programme in 14 districts based on the project design.

[Information and education campaign on e-government 2008]

The project involved developing a strategy to roll out e-government and its use among the citizens. Summit developed a strategy on e-government application and the implementation.

[Universal access to communication - 2004-2005]
Part of a team tasked to develop universal access strategy for Kenya. In 2009 the Kenyan parliament enacted the recommendations to establish a universal service agency.

This is an intergovernmental project to empower communities in conflict prone areas of pastoralism in border areas of Kenya, Uganda, Southern Sudan and Ethiopia. Summit conducted research and the design and now involved in the implementation.

[Business process outsourcing - 2008]
Undertook a review of the bpo phenomena in 15 English speaking African countries

[ICT PARK – 2009]
Engaged to develop a strategy for a regional ICT park in Kenya. The key concern was  positioning the Park to a competitive advantage.

Market analysis, profiling and sizing, market entry strategies; and ICT market research

[LINK CENTRE Witwatersrand university - Kenya telecommunications sector policy performance 1998-2003]
Project scope was to conduct a critical review of the telecommunication performance since telecommunication commence of sector reform

[Evaluation of the East Africa Pilot Project]
The project aimed at helping communities in East Africa generate and distribute and share information resources for own development. The project tested new ICTs as well as the framework for information dissemination using community based information structures, Applications of information and communications technologies (ICTs) in e-commerce, e-learning, information society strategies.

[Development of programs and funding mechanisms to accelerate rural ICT development in Africa]
As an Associate, was responsible for  Kenya market report and contribution to or preparation of Tanzania report – collection, assimilation and report on the national rural ICT market situation, basic demand, lessons learned from ICT experience to date, regulatory/investment issues, potential players and partnerships, funding issues and opportunities, best opportunities and suggested pilot ideas. Provide inputs, review draft, create material and comment on the proposed African Connection ICT Program, Toolkit and Pilot suggestion which Intelecon will generate, with the help of all associates, based on all country reports

[Research on telecommunications and Information technology in 15 countries]
Researched material published annually in BMI-Technowledge Communications Handbook series 2000, 1999, 1998, and 1997]

Project/programme evaluation;

[Development and reinforcement of Networking among women entrepreneurs for West Africa]
Consultant to prepare a conceptual design of a network for women entrepreneurs. Two parallel processes were required i.e. human networking and an ICT network to support networking based on the realities of ICT infrastructure available for rural areas of West Africa. Facilitate a workshop to discuss the framework.

Understanding the internet market and evolving technologies and applications

[Robust key internet technologies in Africa]
Component lead in the project to strengthen Africa wide association of Internet Service Providers to achieve its long term objectives to build key internet infrastructure – internet exchange points and supporting lobbying national internet service provider associations in Africa

[Evaluation of Sustainable Development Network Programme – Internet Services project]
Lead Consultant for the evaluation of Internet Service Provider service project in Malawi. Additionally the consultant to propose the future direction for the project and involvement of the multilateral finacier in ICT development with emphasis of rural Malawi

[Pan African E-commerce Consultative Mission]
Undertake research and propose a pan African e-commerce framework for African Heads of State summit. Sub Team Leader for Eastern and Central Africa

[e-Commerce in East Africa; Forecasts and prospects (2000-2004)]
Undertake primary research on e-commerce markets size in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania –]

Developing performance indicators

[‘Phase 1 - Preparatory Activities’ for SCAN-ICT study]
A continental ICT Scan on application and consumption of Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) as part of impact assessment of the evolution of information society in Africa for a multilateral UN agency. Key deliverable was a set of indicators to measure development of ICT at national level. Responsible for Anglophone Africa

Policy, regulation, and market strategies at national and regional levels;

[An assessment of policy options for ICT use in Rural Communities of Uganda]
A detailed survey and analysis of the policies that frame the present and potential use of ICTs by rural communities in Uganda while searching and identify constraints, gaps and opportunities and make a proposal for a feasible work plan. Consultant for the policy component for Uganda

[Multilateral Agency Assistance to developing countries to participate on the WTO Basic Telecom Agreement – Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Botswana]
Local Counterpart team member to assist the four countries assess the regulatory environment against WTO Basic Telecommunications Agreement and make informed market opening commitments under WTO as part of their assistance to emerging economies]

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Summit Strategies ltd operates with a team of the core consultants and a team of associates to supplement skills that may from time to time may be needed. Due to the long working relationship this associate consultants can be assembled on short notice.


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