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The CEWARN ICT 4 Peace project: Use of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) for Conflict Prevention

26 November 2010

The ICT 4 Peace project is an innovative project conceived by CEWARN with the support of USAID/EA to exploit ICTs for timely transmission of early warning information on violent conflicts to decision makes of IGAD Member States for timely response. In this project, Summit Strategies conducted research and is in the implementation stage.

A field monitor with Codan HF Radio

Research commissioned by CEWARN and USAID/EA in early 2000’s noted that the conflict-prone areas in the Karamoja cluster and other CEWARN areas of operation had very poor communications infrastructure. In all the four countries in the Karamoja Cluster in particular, there was no telecommunications coverage including Turkana areas in Kenya, Karamoja areas in Uganda, Southern regions of Sudan and Ethiopia. Without telecommunications, the only means available to CEWARN’s Field Monitors to report on situations of potential or actual conflicts was to walk or hike a ride to areas with communications coverage in order to transmit the information. The research also showed that some hotspots were up to 400 km away from telecommunication coverage. Thus, early warning information would take days or even months before assistance was available. When the assistance came, it would be too late – lives were needlessly lost, property destroyed and communities and families dislocated. It was then noted that ICTs could help by instantly delivering information from the hotspot to the relevant offices for intervention. This is how ICT4Peace was born. Although a number of ICT options were considered for use by CEWARN, HF radios were chosen as the most sustainable solution for reasons including mobility and sustainability. Accordingly, through this project, CEWARN provides HF radios and high gain antennae phones to local peace structures in ‘hot spots’ (conflict-prone areas). The project is currently at a pilot phase and being rolled out in the Karamoja Cluster that covers the cross-border areas of Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan and Uganda.


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